Color Perfect Totes, for a Great Price

One of our longtime clients came to us with a challenge: having recently re-branded, they had been having some difficulty getting their new Pantone colors matched correctly. They asked us to come up with a solution for fancy tote bags, in all three of their new Pantone colors. Needless to say, color matching was a critical factor, as was a low unit cost to fit a fixed budget.

We not only provided the lowest price, but delivered an exact color match. To make certain, we provided pre-production samples prior to the start of full production. In addition, we threw in a full gloss coat at no charge.

When our client received the samples she was thrilled with both the color match and the quality – exactly the kind of outcome we at Doghouse strive to achieve. Within an hour of finishing full production we provided photos to our client, prior to shipping. Tight & Right!

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