The Delta Deadline

Ignition needed an apparel idea for a 4th of July event - quick!

Since Delta’s colors are also red, white, and blue, we suggested a ¾ sleeve softball shirt, with royal sleeves and a custom-printed design. The first order, of roughly 1,000 shirts, was printed and delivered within 48 hours. But wait, that’s not all…

Situation #2:
The President of Delta was so impressed with the overall look of the shirt, that he wanted EVERY Delta employee to have one on the 4th of July. That meant we had to print and deliver 20,000 shirts to Atlanta, in one week!

Solution #2:
Printing and expediting from California would have cost an extra $10,000, so we located a printer in Atlanta with 5 automated presses willing to dedicate 2 full days and nights of production. The next challenges were locating that many royal ¾ sleeve shirts, getting them to Atlanta and having enough time left to print and deliver. We negotiated a fantastic price and secured the shirts, all including free freight. Brian jumped on a red eye flight to Atlanta where he oversaw and assisted in production. Next obstacle was the delivery to an airplane hangar in Delta’s air field. With a truck lined up, Brian rode shotgun to the hanger only to find an empty airplane hangar, without any man power to offload. Brian hopped onto a forklift and offloaded all 20,000 shirts with the help of the driver.

SUCCESS was attained by close attention to detail, full commitment to quality and timely delivery. Doghouse Promotions has the will to see a project through; even those that most cannot imagine happening.

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