Doghouse Promotions Lights Up the New Meadowlands Stadium

ESPN needed 80,000 innovative premiums delivered in 45 days for the opening NY Jets game at the new Meadowlands Stadium. The premiums had to be new, different and had to ‘Light up’. The NFL’s suppliers said impossible. Concept, distribution and delivery all had challenges to overcome.

Doghouse Promotions introduced a brand new premium dubbed the “FANLET”; a light up LED bracelet. We secured two factories and a price that could not be beat. That meant fast production and 400,000 imprints! That’s not all though.

What about all the waste from those poly bags?!

A plan was devised to eliminate the waste by adding a custom label offering a trip on the team’s charter jet. This label not only made sure fans took the bags home to enter the contest (and to recycle), it also saved the team $5,000.

And yet another challenge: delivery. The Fanlets could only be delivered ON game day by a Union driver!!!

We had Fed Ex clear customs in Alaska, for a faster transition into the States. Our Union driver picked up the Fanlets at 5:00 AM at a holding facility and was waiting at the gates on game day for a successful 7:00 AM delivery!!

Doghouse Promotions overcame every challenge and delivered the NFL their Fanlets on time, on budget, on game day. Flashing Fanlets could be seen all over the stadium and on TV. Our client met their goals by providing a fantastic memento and one lucky fan had the trip of a lifetime!

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