Brian Espy

Founder, President, and The Main Guy

Brian originally founded Doghouse Promotions in 1998 to focus on Action Sports apparel and premiums. Under his creative guidance Doghouse has successfully expanded into corporate brands across a wide-range of industries from entertainment and media to technology and consumer brands. Brian is a branding wizard and is responsible for delivering unforgettable premiums to their customers. He also owns the global supplier relationships and leads the internal sales team. Brian’s hands-on approach, have-fun-mentality and never-ending creativity helped build Doghouse’s reputation as the go-to company for branded merchandise from some of the world’s biggest brands to some of the world’s coolest small businesses. He’s inspired by the wonders of the outdoors, the perfect wave and the timeless song. He’s a loving father of two and one hell of a cook. Brian holds a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Communication from Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo. 

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