Green is such an interesting word that not only represents the great outdoors but a way of thinking about product that does the least harm to our natural environment. We strive to offer useful items and try to deter clients from product that will either end up in a landfill (too soon) or a dogs chew toy. Swag that replaces disposable items such as coffee tumblers and water bottles are now commonplace. How do you take that next step to ensuring those items do the least harm? Is green washing real? Yes, and we can see right through it. Are there products with purpose? Yes! Oodles of them. Whether it's planting a tree, providing water to underserved areas or supporting our veterans, we've got our paws on that pulse. Want a zero waste event? We can guide you on products for that as well. Give us a try - you'll feel good about your marketing dollars being maximized for your bottom line and the world we live in.

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How Doghouse does green

Doghouse lives and breathes being eco-conscious. From daily practices at home to our everyday habits in the office, we walk the talk. It's the woof under our roof.

Doghouse is solar powered! And....

Our CEO drives a plug in hybrid and charges it off the solar panels.

All plastic bags are recycled at Kohls (they are legit)

All packing material is from saved paper and bubble wrap. In 20+ years we've only purchased packing materials twice. If we ship it from HQ you can bet it's been gently used before.

We use towels! Yes, towels to dry our hands and washcloths as napkins. It's the little things that add up over time.

We compost thanks to SLO's curbside green waste!

Our tote bags were last made from organic cotton and our latest are made entirely from recycled plastic.

And more! It can feel overwhelming but having small habits like this every day does make a difference in our corner of the world.