Covid-19 Updates

These are unprecedented times for all of us. We have been taking precautionary measures at Doghouse Promotions for the health and well-being of our employees. We will have employees working from home to accept all orders, answer any questions, work on projects, virtuals, etc. We have aligned ourselves with operating domestic factories and have PPE on hand. Other than sporadic production and sample delays, we are able to perform all functions to service our customers.

With our business nearly relying on gatherings, and the shortage of protective gear out there, we wanted to help keep our people safe and keep our lights on at the same time. Win win!

We have KN95 masks and hand sanitizers in stock. We also have USA made blank and custom reusable facemasks, neck gaiters and bandannas. Getting everything to this point took a couple of weeks and was no small feat! Finally, we are offering health care heroes appreciation kits.

10% of KN95 mask sales are being donated in masks to a health care worker of your choice or we will deliver to our local nurses in San Luis Obispo, Ca.

For the fastest response, please email us at brian@doghousepromotions.com or matt@doghousepromotions.com. We very much appreciate your support as we manage through wacky times. Stay safe and well.


Brian Espy
Doghouse Promotions